QtMPC is a Qt4-based front-end, with optional KDE support, for MPD. Read more on lowblog

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For support, or if you wish to receive updates by mail regarding QtMPC releases, please take a look at our mailing lists.


  • Qt version 4.6.x or later
  • MPD running somewhere (obviously...)


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Latest official release

The latest official release (0.6.1) can be downloaded here:

Source: (GPG signature)

Windows Installer: not available yet

Older releases

Older releases are still available for download here:

0.6.0 -

0.5.0 -

0.5.0 windows installer -

0.4.1 source -

0.4.1 windows installer -

0.4.0 -

0.3.1 -

0.3.0 -

0.2.0 -

Latest source

You can use subversion to obtain the latest sources:

svn co qtmpc scrobbling

Starting from version 0.6.0 we've decided to drop audio scrobbling support in general. We believe a client (at least a client that controls mpd the way QtMPC does) isn't supposed to provide audio scrobbling support, since the client can be shut down after a user has set up his playlist for example. If you've used QtMPC to do audio scrobbling for you, we advice you to take a look at mpdscribble. Which is a daemon that only takes care of scrobbling. Though you may use something else as you please.

For other options you could also take a look here:

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